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Flight of the Stork
Flight of the Stork Album Cover
1. Flight of the Stork  MP3  RealAudio
2. Above the Shadow  Download Full MP3
3. Riding  Download Full MP3
4. On the Waters
5. New Moon  MP3  RealAudio
6. Forever the Wild Mare
7. Conch Shell
8. White Rose  MP3  RealAudio
9. Beauty: Song for Africa
10. Falcon
11. Flight of of the Stork - Instrumental

Heralded in 1991 as Record of the Year by Germany's music trade, Stereoplay, and recognized for its poetic message of world peace, Flight of the Stork was chosen by the Hunger Project to be presented to Mikhail Gorbachev.

"Flight of the Stork" became the title piece to a host of songs celebrating the distinct beauty and strength inherent in every culture, individual and species. Echoing this theme, musicians and artists from seven countries worked together in the creation of this music and artwork. In the process of harmonious, international collaboration, we glimpsed "the higher view" first revealed to me by the stork idea.

"Serah's songs span continents and cultures, from French castle ruins to lush African lakes and grasslands. Her musical journey, lined with nature symbology and dreams of flight, is a classic metaphor of the inner search for freedom and meaning of life."
[Pulse! Tower Records]

"If you are looking for a sound to captivate your imagination with imagery and symbolism, a dazzling new release on a new label provides some of the most carefully crafted packaging and songwriting in the music business."
[Entertainment Magazine]

"Serah's voice is crystal clear and strong, reminiscent of Judy Collin's timbre, and her lyrics are poetic and imaginative. Clearly this release is the achievement of a personal, specific artistic vision." [The Jazz Link]

"In a world swamped with unskilled performers and shallow artistry, it's a pleasure to witness an effort that combines an excellent, subtle sound with the stability of an intellectual awareness."
[Inside Scene]

"The music is blessedly tranquil, the damnedest East-meets-West cross between Jade Warrior and Abba you can imagine."
[Entertainment Magazine]

"...a release that stands out as a textbook example of excellence in both sound and packaging...a collection of ten songs about love and respect for life and culture. Serah, who composed all the music here, possesses a rich and soaring voice...that brings to mind Renaissance's Annie Haslam at the very peak for her talents."
[Island Ear]