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Sengal Moon
Senegal Moon Album Cover
1. Papaya Moon  Download Full MP3
2. Singing Tree
3. French Blue
4. The Wedding Song
5. Kind Music
6. Papillon
7. Refuge of the Song
8. Senegal Moon  MP3  RealAudio
9. Grace  Download Full MP3
10. Desert Woman in Paris  MP3  RealAudio
11. Joan of Arc
If you think that you are familiar with this artist's work, you are in for quite a wonderful suprise! Singer/songwriter Serah has brought together musicians and artists from several continents, as her crystal-clear vocals unite with the harmonies of African voices to create a stirring and exhilarating musical milestone. Working with Grammy Award-winning producer Neil Dorfsman, Serah breaks through the boundaries of New Age, Pop and World to embrace the full spectrum of music. Senegal Moon represents some of her best work and is bright, rousing, thought-provoking and just plain fun. It is simply remarkable music that unleashes pure joy and defies single-format classifications.

"I've decided that, for me at least, happiness is getting a new album from Serah. Serah's back with another masterpiece which, in the business and art of making music, seems to be a non-trivial undertaking. And what a voice she has! Clear, pure, yet filled with an ethereal passion that I find simply irresistible. And what music! Inventive, melodic, mysterious, with highly creative and original lyrics that may bring a tear to your eye as they open your heart."
[Steve Ryals, Planet Earth Music, New Age Retailer]

"Senegal Moon is a beautiful set of songs which offers lovely vocal work and a real crosscultural collaboration. The lyrics use simple, sensitive nature imagery and more cosmic, angelic and universal themes. When Serah's soft angelic soprano floats over the top, Daby's earthy tenor anchors the songs with a powerful energy that finds a way to wrap the harmonies into one magnetically flowing, powerful stream of music."
[New Age Voice]