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A Thousand Candles Album Cover
A Thousand Candles
How often does music make you stop in mid-motion, catch your breath and become perfectly still so that you don't miss a note, not a word, an inflection? It's about to happen right now... more
Yes  Download Full MP3
After the War  Download Full MP3
Download MP3  RealAudio  
Epiphany MP3  RealAudio  
Mountains of Luberon MP3  RealAudio  
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Late Harvest Album Cover
Late Harvest
For some, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. For Serah, it's her voice. The celebrated world music artist emanates pure exuberance... more
Joined at the Wing Download Full MP3
Catching Fireflies  Download Full MP3
I Think I Know  MP3  RealAudio
Stand By Me  MP3  RealAudio
Crazy Love  MP3  RealAudio  RealVideo  56K  DSL
Pieces of Dreams  MP3  RealAudio
Sailing  MP3  RealAudio  RealVideo  56K  DSL
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Wing of Mercy Album Cover
Wing of Mercy
With Wing of Mercy, Serah continues her remarkable cross-cultural musical odyssey. Both powerful and poignant, Wing of Mercy represents a culmination of her broad life experiences as she composes and sings from a heart of hope and deep convictions... more
Streetlight  Download Full MP3
Wing of Mercy  Download Full MP3
Mission  MP3  RealAudio
Sing  MP3  RealAudio
I'm Not In Love  MP3  RealAudio  RealVideo
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Senegal Moon Album Cover
Senegal Moon
If you think that you are familiar with this artist's work, you are in for quite a wonderful suprise! Singer/songwriter Serah has brought together musicians and artists from several continents... more
Papaya Moon  Download Full MP3
Grace  Download Full MP3
Senegal Mooon  MP3  RealAudio
Desert Woman in Paris  MP3  RealAudio
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Flight of the Stork Album Cover
Flight of the Stork
Heralded in 1991 as Record of the Year by Germany's music trade, Stereoplay, and recognized for its poetic message of world peace, Flight of the Stork was chosen by the Hunger Project to be presented to Mikhail Gorbachev... more
Above the Shadow Download Full MP3
Riding  Download Full MP3
Flight of the Stork  MP3  RealAudio
New Moon  MP3  RealAudio
White Rose  MP3  RealAudio
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Out of the Wind Album Cover
Out of the Wind
With a vocal tonal range that effortlessly soars from warm honey to clear angelic heights, Serah's lyrical themes include inspirational messages of love, spiritual quest and comfort... more
Orion  Download Full MP3
Saturn's Ring  Download Full MP3
The Music Always Understands  MP3 RealAudio
Faerie Tales  MP3  RealAudio
Stoic  MP3  RealAudio
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Rainbow Reign Album Cover
Rainbow Reign
Recorded in 1977, Rainbow Reign features Nova Scotia, a Number One radio single in Eastern Canada in 1977-'78. This CD is a recently found and revived collection of tracks recorded under the name Carolina Edwards.
Rainbow Reign  Download Full MP3
Nova Scotia  MP3  RealAudio
Rainbow Reign  MP3  RealAudio
Shepherd  MP3  RealAudio
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Bring Me Your Magic Album Cover
Bring Me Your Magic
Reconnect with Serah�s early songs with this fun long-lost demo recording made before the 1977 release of Rainbow Reign and recorded under the name Carolina Edwards.
New Sun  Download Full MP3
Shipwrecked  MP3  RealAudio
Sailed Right Out of my Drive  MP3  RealAudio
Bring Me Your Magic  MP3  RealAudio
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Voice of Amethyst Album Cover
Voice of Amethyst
In the artist's words, Voice of Amethyst "... is a collection of songs I've written, most often on Christmas Eve... reflecting the intimacy of the soul and its Creator, the infinite fathering, mothering Principle that we yearn to be more alive to..." more
Swan River Christmas Download Full MP3
Carol for All Seasons (Vision) Download Full MP3
Face of Christmas MP3  RealAudio  
Gabriel's Song MP3  RealAudio  
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