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Wing of Mercy
Wing of Mercy Album Cover
1. Streetlight  Download Full MP3
2. Starmaker
3. Farewell to the Swans
4. Hymn of Peace
5. Tristan's Lullabye
6. The Second Dispatch
7. Legend
8. Mission  MP3  RealAudio
9. Emergence
10. Sing  MP3  RealAudio
11. Wing of Mercy  Download Full MP3
12. I'm Not in Love  MP3  RealAudio  RealVideo
See the I'm Not In Love video  >>
With Wing of Mercy, Serah continues her remarkable cross-cultural musical odyssey. Both powerful and poignant, Wing of Mercy represents a culmination of her broad life experiences as she composes and sings from a heart of hope and deep convictions. Once again, Serah's unique musical artistry, which has always been to promote peace and to inspire love and healing, combines her moving lyrics with the harmonies of African and Native American dialects to create an uplifting cultural and musical experience. Listen to the moving lyrics of the title song, Wing of Mercy; experience the power and exhilaration of Emergence; feel the authority of Serah's vocal performance in Farewell to the Swans. Included on this CD is Hymn of Peace which Serah composed especially for the Concert for Peace at the Hague Appeal for Peace where she was the featured performer in May, 1999.