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Late Harvest
Late Harvest Album Cover
1. I Think I Know  MP3  RealAudio
2. Stand By Me  MP3  RealAudio
3. Psalm Song
4. Sailing
5. Joined At The Wing  Download Full MP3
6. Catching Fireflies  Download Full MP3
7. Crazy Love  MP3  RealAudio
8. Pieces of Dreams  MP3  RealAudio
9. Inner Voice Dialogue
10. Dolce
11. Will You Still Love Me
12. Forgive The Moon
13. Breathing Desert Air
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For some, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. For Serah, it's her voice. The celebrated world music artist emanates pure exuberance with this album: ripe with emotions, both intense and subtle, that flow through the lyrics, melodies and rhythms - all the bounty from an artist blessed. As a result, Late Harvest and its central song, the enchanting "Dolce (Late Harvest Wine)," are based on centuries-old European folklore. As Serah explains, "A vineyard owner returned from defending his ideals very late in the summer, after the normal harvesting time, to discover that all of the people who helped him harvest in previous years had waited for him out of deference. The grapes hadn't spoiled yet, but were tremendously sweet. The wine that was made from them was called late harvest wine, and because it was so sweet, it was a dessert wine.