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Late candles
A Thousand Candles Album Cover
1. Yes  Download Full MP3
2. White Birds  
3. Download  MP3  RealAudio
4. Something  
5. After the War  Download Full MP3
6. Scenes from a Dreamer's Gaze  
7. Epiphany  MP3  RealAudio
8. Wind in Their Manes  
9. Oysters and Stars  
10. Angel  
11. Mountains of Luberon   MP3  RealAudio
12. Red on Green   
How often does music make you stop in mid-motion, catch your breath and become perfectly still so that you don't miss a note, not a word, an inflection? It's about to happen right now... Serah is an award-winning vocalist and lyricist with several hit songs and a cache of critically acclaimed albums. But her inner glow emanates from a much deeper place than sheer talent and recognition, and lights the songs of A Thousand Candles. The album, which follows up the conceptual Late Harvest of 2003, is Serah's love letter to the world. The imagery is worthy of Thoreau and Emerson, all nature, romance and peace in "Scene from a Dreamer's Gaze," "Wind in Their Manes," "Oysters and Stars" and "Mountains of Luberon," while the music, sometimes angels' wings and sometimes rhythmic hooves, transports us to those places where she beckons us with her voice.