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Serah has never sounded better than on her latest cd,
A Thousand Candles on Great Northern Arts Music.

Her song writing has mellowed and is, as usual, inspirational.

The guest artists on the album are like a "who's who" of world music and include Wasis Diop, Richard Bona, Gigi, David Sancious and Michael Landau; It is co-produced by Serah with Dan Marnien (Joni Mitchell).

One favorite of mine is 'Something' it has a great lyric, an upbeat tone and an amazing African/world music background chorus, 'Epiphany' is a beautiful song conjuring up travels across the world and time, a tapestry of life. And if you really dig African vocals, a sexy lead and amazing guitar listen to 'Wind in Their Manes'

One has only to like this album to look up Serah's back catalog including my favorite, 'Wing of Mercy' featuring her remake of "I'm not in Love'.

Gene Heinemeyer, Gateways Radio on WPAT

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