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Sounds From the Ground Up
by Mara Applebaum

New Age Retailer
October 2003
Late Harvest

Fans of later-era Joni Mitchell and Sting will likely appreciate Serah’s Late Harvest. Drawing from smooth-jazz, folk, and African influences, Serah and her well-versed musicians (from the bands of Mitchell, Sting, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Eric Clapton, and others) offer a pleasing selection of covers and original pieces.

One of the most notable elements of Late Harvest is its very natural incorporation of African harmonies. Serah’s musical partnership with Senegalese vocalist Wasis Diop is rewarded on this album, as his voice and others form their own instrumentation. The partnership especially benefits “Joined at the Wing” and “Forgive the Moon.” The covers of “Stand By Me,” “Sailing,” “Crazy Love,” and “Will You (Still) Love Me Tomorrow?” offer familiar tunes that will appeal to customers who remember the songs’ earlier incarnations.

Try displaying the beautiful CD art, created by Serah and assorted artist friends.

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