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Voice of Amethyst
1. Love of Christmas
2. Swan River Christmas  Download Full MP3
3. Come Gather Round
4. Moments of Christmas
5. Carol for All Seasons (Vision)  Download Full MP3
6. Face of Christmas  MP3  RealAudio
7. Rose of Sharon
8. Gabriel's Song  MP3  RealAudio
9. Sweet was the Song
10. Voice of Amethyst
11. Love of Christmas (Instrumental)
In the artist's words, Voice of Amethyst "... is a collection of songs I've written, most often on Christmas Eve... reflecting the intimacy of the soul and its Creator, the infinite fathering, mothering Principle that we yearn to be more alive to...". With its lush arrangements and warm atmosphere, this compilation of songs captures joy of the season and the spirit we strive to carry with us throughout the year.